Maternity Aromatherapy Massage

(including pregnancy massage)

This course balances theory work and practical skills to provide a comprehensive review of maternity services.  Pregnancy is not an illness, but a natural and amazing process; however changes in the body must be at the forefront of the therapists mind when working with pregnant ladies.  This course will provide you with the skills to confidently work with ladies through their journey and into the 4th trimester.  Massage and aromatherapy for pregnancy is increasing in popularity due to the sound research evidence base, professionalism of therapists and confidence of mothers and health care professionals in the skills and practices of complementary practitioners.  Essential oils, aromatherapy products, massage and positioning can all be used to provide a supportive service to pregnant ladies before, during and after their pregnancy.  Many students report back to us that in response to studying this course their clients have become more loyal and returned for treatments after their pregnancies and used their other services such as baby massage.

Cost: 1 day

Prerequisite: minimum of a Level 3 Body Massage qualification and level 3 anatomy and physiology is required to study this course

pregnancy massage

This course includes:

  •  The history, development, effects and benefits of maternity aromatherapy
  • The research evidence base
  • Therapist preparation
  • Client consultation, informed consent and negotiating an appropriate treatment
  • Health and safety
  • Sterilisation and sanitation
  • Equipment and products
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Contraindications, problem areas, cautions and referrals
  • Maternity time line: before conception, the three trimesters, birthing, the fourth trimester and beyond
  • Working with other healthcare professionals
  • Pregnancy massage and Maternity Aromatherapy techniques and procedures
  • Using essential oils and aromatherapy products in a range of services
  • Aftercare advice, healing response, retail products and services

mother and babymaternity services and baby massage